bear grylls knifes

Saturday, 27 November 2010

What knife did bear use in Costa Rica?

Titanium Pro Dive Knife
 Season One, Episode Two, Bear takes on the deadly jungles of Costa Rica where he shows us why we need to boil water from anywhere before we drink it.

 Bear is hitting his way through the trees with his Titanium Pro Dive Knife.
The Titanium Pro Dive Knife is just a Made in China special. It's a great thing with a double edged blade, 3/4 of it is serrated, Bear beats on it with a log to chop down small trees.
This is a great made in china cheapy survival knife.

Friday, 26 November 2010

The knife bear uses in the Swiss Alps

Wenger Serrated Mountaineer Knife

 In the French Alps Bear brought with him the Wenger serrated mountaineer knife.
The Knife is everything our pocket knife tries to be, but twice as long and ten times as cool as it. This beast of a knife is far better. No wonder Bear took it easy on the Alps. The wenger is a great peace of kit and for the French alps it works like clockwork.
The Wenger Serrated Mountaineer Knife is a great bit of kit its like the dad of the pocket knife.

The knife bear uses in Hawaii

 Season One, Episode Four, Bear was left to survive in the middle of an old volcanic volcano at Hawaii's Kilauea. The landscape was hostile from its ground to its atmosphere. He finally made his way to the forest; his Gerber Gator Serrater came in very handy there.

The Gerber Gator Serrater is nimble enough to be taken out in a tree top for avocado picking.

This knife is definitely recommended as a good survival knife.


The knife bear used in Sierra Nevada

I’m sorry to say but Bear didn't have a knife in this episode. werent you watching. When Bear was dropped in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, he used hands, vines, and Indian throwing sticks to survive this harsh wilderness. He skinned a dirty rabbit with his bare hands that’s just awsome work.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The knife bear uses in Northern Kenya

Gerber Gator Serrater
In Season 1, Episode 6, we see again the Gerber Gator Serrater as Bear takes on the swelteringly hot Northern Kenya. Perfect for hacking flesh from lions kills. It's awesome in the wild as he tear and rips into a dead Zebra with nothing but his teeth. He is crazy?
Bear takes lots of risky chances, but you have to admit it. If he set up a descent smoke signal and waited for help he probably would have been rescued but that’s not a show.

The knife bear uses in Alaska

The Buck Iceman
In Season One, Episode Seven, the Buck Iceman, makes a visit to help him hack down small trees for a lean-to shelter.
The Buck Iceman has a neat Black Oxide finish, partial serrated edge, clip point blade. This knife is so strong Bear pounded a rock on it to cut through trees to make a cool spear.

This was a cold, nasty episode for Bear, and he used his knowledge cleverly, but our favorite part was learning that Bear is actually scared of bears! Watching Bear make his way through the forest shouting "Yo Bear!" was very funny. It definitely brought a smile to my face.

The knife bear uses in the Pacific Islands!!!

   Titanium Pro Dive Knife

It's Season One, Episode Eight, and in the Pacific Ocean Bear is set adrift on a raft and makes his way to a deserted island a couple of miles away from him. It’s a great thing he brought along his Titanium Pro Dive Knife. He used it to build a signal fire near the end, and it was great for making a cool multi point spear for spear fishing.
What really impressed me was when Bear chopped through thick, chunky bamboo trunks to build a raft to get him out of there, and still, use his beast of a knife to filet the fish he caught with his Titanium Pro Dive Knife later on. I think Bear made a brilliant choice bringing that amazing knife along with him on his adventure.