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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The knife bear uses in the Everglades

The Buck Zipper

We saw some old favs come back for a return bow and we saw some new knives for the first time. Such was the case with the Everglades episode - the first show of the second season if you didn’t know.

Florida is delightful. Bear missed out on the rain, but then he was waist deep in a smelly rotting swamp for most of the episode. With nothing nearby, Bear had to slog through the swampy water, build good shelters in the tree tops, and had to worry about alligators all the time.

Highlights of the episode for us were when Bear used his shoelaces for traction when climbing the tree in order to get out of the muddy swamp. It was a wonderful tip. The other highlight of the episode was when he used the knife when chopping down saplings, peeling grapefruit, and gutting turtles to bits. It's a handy little darling with a gut hook and a rubberized grip at will do the job in any tight situation. That grip provides a secure hold. All in all it’s a good knife.
It was a great episode to watch if you want to purchase the knife look below.

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